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Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Thu Jul 24 10:36:33 CDT 2003

I would volunteer but I have so little time to research the entire history
that it would take me probably 2 years, unless I can have a volunteer send me
an outline of the history and I will write it as a formal document..


-who started it, where he is now, why alexandre is the maintainer now and
    who he is
-why it was started and what it is and does/doesnt do
-a little about the original developers
-some major accomplishments
-business partnerships
-later developers that are no longer with us (Hidenori, Guy, etc)
-introduction of the DMCA and other copyright laws
-switching from BSD to LGPL and the controversy behind it

(not necessarily in that order) can anyone else think of anything?

If nobody can do that I will do it with what little spare time I have.

Could we do mini-interviews in it or is it to be just a straight "this is the
history of wine" sort of thing?

--- "Dimitrie O. Paun" <dpaun at> wrote:
> On July 23, 2003 09:59 pm, Tom wrote:
> > So, may I ask if either of you plan to volunteer to write a *official*
> > History/Time line page ?
> Im no writer, really, so no, I don't plan on working on this.
> Hopefully a better word craftsman will volunteer soon...
> -- 
> Dimi.

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