Is wine a debugger?

Alex Pasadyn ajp at
Thu Jul 24 21:36:52 CDT 2003

Dan Timis wrote:
> I am trying to load a security Windows dll that does not run under a 
> debugger.  When I load the dll I get a SIGTRAP, and then wine breaks in 
> its debugger.
> My understanding is that if I run wine as opposed to winedbg I am not 
> running under a debugger.  But, if there is a crash or some other 
> exception wine will start a debugger.
> I sent some memory dumps to the developer of the security dll, and he 
> said that it behaves like it was running under a debugger.  He's 
> question was something like does wine have an always "on" debugger?

I have seen this kind of thing before.  I had a program that was doing 
this, and to get around it I changed the "Windows version" for Wine from 
one of the "DOS-based" ones to one of the "NT-based" ones.

This may or may not work for you.  It depends on what exactly the 
program is trying to do to detect a debugger.  I just tried setting the 
version to NT because I figured that the things it allowed were closer 
to what would be allowed on Linux, and it happened to be that whatever 
it tried to do on NT gave the "correct" answer on Wine.

But yes, the Wine debugger loads as a new process only after a crash is 
detected.  What is happening is the program is poking around in memory 
somewhere and seeing something different from what it expects.


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