Mouse not working in old DOS game ("MadTV")

Christian Neumair chris at
Sat Jul 26 14:27:21 CDT 2003

Today I tried to play a game, which is cult in Europe and nearly unknown
in the USA: MadTV. When trying to start it, I encountered a problem: The
mouse cursor of the game wasn't moved together with the wine mouse
cursor and wine spit out a lot of int irq fixme messages:
 "fixme:int:DOSVM_Int33Handler Position mouse cursor"
So I created a log with --debugmsg +int appended. Since the first
~300.000 lines contained a lot of repititions I decided to completely
trash them. The attached backtrace contains a few thousands of lines
Maybe sb, of you already experienced this problem, too - or even works
on a solution.


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