Licensing Question

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Jul 31 13:05:05 CDT 2003

Le jeu 31/07/2003 à 13:52, Roderick Colenbrander a écrit :
> Although Wine is LGPL'ed now, older wine versions (till around march/april 
> 2002 I think) are X11 licensed. Further there is a "fork" of Wine called 
> Rewind which is more up2date than the last X11 edition of Wine. So those 
> things can atleast be used by the mingw project.
> Relicensing parts of the current Wine is more complicated. I'm not the right 
> person to talk about that. Likely a vote for it would be needed since I think 
> all people who worked on the headers need to approve it.

I'd say it's the same thing as MS headers: you can't directly copy them
(MS's or Wine's), but the #defines FOO 123, etc. can be used (since
they're factual and needed for work correctly).

Somebody (dis)agree with this?

ReWind can be used directly, as it's license allow you to do that. But
keep in mind that many times, Wine's headers have Wine specific parts,
which Mingw will probably have to ditch or modify.


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