Internet Explorer regressions

Gregory M. Turner gmturner007 at
Sun Jun 29 14:26:10 CDT 2003

On Thursday 29 May 2003 12:58 pm, Duane Clark wrote:
> Mike Hearn wrote:
> > I've been doing that, but unfortunately am limited in how far I can go
> > back before I lose NPTL support and wine stops running.
> >
> > If it's my setup here then it'll also be borked. I'm sending latest CVS
> > into work, to see if that breaks IE as well, then I'll know if it's code
> > or environment.
> Well, at least on RH7.3 (no nptl) ie6 seems to run reasonably well.

I've been trying to force myself to use nt4 mode & nt4 native dll's; Oh, and 
just to make it even more borked I'm using IE6 ;).   Absolutely no dice 
whatsoever, here.  The installation goes OK, but I just can't find a 
combination of native/wine dlls that doesn't go "bonk" real fast.  I think, 
this is about what I should expect with such a get-up, IOW its not a 

I'm considering building a crude (and slow) implementation of the Nt "Ports" 
API (you know the one -- the "Undocumented" one with pretty darn good free 
documentation on the web).  This would allow us to get further (and who 
knows, maybe actually do something useful) with the native nt rpcrt4.dll.  
Could open up some interesting code paths... and, after providing an 
alternate high-performance implementation (or before ;)), such a thing could 
even be used to implement LRPC more like windows...

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