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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sun Jun 1 02:08:11 CDT 2003

Tom wrote:

> Hello,
> I was looking over the Resource page : 
> And ive found we are linked to some ... not alot but a couple 404's
> For example under "WIN 32"  _Win 32 API Intro_  .. We have : 
> and it is one of the 404 sites.. I would like to change this to : 
> So the question is ???
> On all the 404's ........if I find a equivalent to what we now have is 
> it alright with everyone
> if I send a patch to fix this ? ( I would only guess yes )
> Ive also found some sites that have the same info that were pointing 
> to.. And there more upto
> date than the ones that we currently point to. I would like to also 
> update there links as well.
> I'm just asking here for thoughts/insight ..
> If there are no objections ill work on this patch monday.. lots of 
> lead time right :)
> Tom
Hi Tom,

Your'e going about it the wrong way. From my experience, it usually take 
the same time to ask about things and to actually do them. Next time, do 
the later. If anyone objects (and yes, some people actually read those 
patches you send), they will let you know.

This is a free software project. The vote always goes with the people 
who send the diffs.


Shachar Shemesh
Open Source integration consultant
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