Red Hat 9 RPMs

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sun Jun 1 07:27:08 CDT 2003

Le dim 01/06/2003 à 07:00, Mike Hearn a écrit :
> Can somebody please remind me what the plan for these are? In IRC we
> seem to say "go to" all day, every day. It's really
> poor IMHO that after all these months, the site STILL does not mention
> this.
> Should I write a patch for the site, or is the intention to fix the RPMs
> on SourceForge, like, nowish?

I've built some and put them on sf (without announcing them, me bad). If
our download page doesn't mention them, it probably doesn't mention
Mandrake either, which is available as well (can't recall if it's for a
specific version of Mandrake).

The differences between the newrpms and sf ones' should be minimal, as I
studied both spec files before deciding some features for RH9.


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