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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sun Jun 1 23:08:58 CDT 2003

puoti wrote:

>I've read the wwn n° 171, I'm the one that builds the sourceforge wine packages
>for Mandrake, I just want to ask if you can please let me know when you add bidi
>support to wine, what headers I must install, and if I have to add any explicit
>options to configure, so I can build wine rpms with bidi support, best regards,
Hi Ivan,

First, I'm forwarding your email to the list. I hope you don't mind. I 
think other people may find it useful.

I have to say that these weekly news are doing their job great!

I have already sent in the patches. They were not included, mostly 
because Alexander is away.

When they are included, you will need any fairly recent ICU installed 
locally on your machine. You can get the sources for the library at I would go for their latest released version 
(2.5), rather than the beta. Unfortunetly (and this has been a major 
consideration against using it, but other factors were stronger), ICU 
has no packages for platforms other than Debian.

You don't have to give configure any explicit option (well, assuming 
Alexander doesn't change anything, that is). Notice that you actually 
need to compile ICU, however. Merely adding the headers is not enough, 
as it is STATICALLY linked to gdi. On the bright side, this doesn't add 
any difficult dependancies to wine.

Hope this helps,


Shachar Shemesh
Open Source integration consultant
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