Status page update #1

Tom twickline at
Mon Jun 2 08:30:05 CDT 2003


I am working on another Status page update and here
is a list of Component's that currently dont have a primary
worker asighned. If you are a worker on any of these Component's
can you let me know and I will add you in as the worker.

Also if you are aware of a Status % work done on any of  these
can you let me know.

I am aware that some Component's are not being worked on at all
times... I would just like to get all workers in place.

Also if your listed as a worker and your not the current worker or don't
plan to work on a Component in the future I will remove you if you wish.




Wine Status - Core :

Registry handling
X11 display/window driver
Clipboard handling
Standard Windows Controls
CPU emulation
Multi-user support
Initial registry contents
Initial directory structure
Initial INI files

Wine Status DLL's :

comdlg32: Common Dialogs
riched32: Rich Text Control
tapi32: Telephony API (TAPI)
rasapi32: Dial-Up Networking (DUN) and Remote Access Service (RAS)
quartz: DirectShow core
wing: WinG 16-bit game library
olecli32: OLE client library
olesvr32: OLE server library
oledlg: OLE user interface
odbc32: ODBC Database Manager
wnaspi32: Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface

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