kernel32 file operations and wildcard filenames

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Mon Jun 2 14:42:38 CDT 2003

Rolf Kalbermatter wrote:
>>those functions are likely to be rewritten RSN (and 
>>DOSFS_GetFullName may even disappear)
>>So I'd suggest rather starting by writing test cases for 
>>those functions so we could use those tests when the rewrite 
>>is going to take place
> I see the point here. Any ideas about the timeframe? 
we need a rather step by step approach here, so the complete time frame 
could be several months.
my point in previous mail was not to stay, stop all work on these 
issues, but rather be aware that some changes are underway.
Help is making thoses changes happen is always welcomed ;-)

 > Is this
> about calling into NTDLL instead of implementing it all in
> kernel32?
it depends wether the functionality exists in ntdll or not.
for the move operation, we're likely to keep the existing framework:
- check if source file exists
- try to move it (calling ntdll.NtSetFileInformation with 
FileRenameInformation class)
- this function will be implemented as a Unix rename
- if it fails (different drive for example), then a pure copy will be 

> One question I have is how to proceed with those tests? Adding
> them all to the current wine tests would create serious troubles
> unless we fix the according issues in the already existing
> kernel32 functions as well, in spite of the coming rewrite.
there's the wine_todo expression in tests which marks a test as passing 
on windows and failing under wine. that's the good way to do it (check 
that the test passes, here that a given error is reported while trying 
to move a file to a non correct filename)


Eric Pouech

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