Hal Mikimoto halkun2002 at
Tue Jun 3 02:07:37 CDT 2003

Hello all,
     I've been watching Wine grow for the last two
years or somsuch. During this time I have wished that
I could contribute to the cause, but alas my coding
skills rank somewhere around the level of Jello and
can't offer much there.
     While reading the list I saw the Wine Status
pages were linked a few emails ago. I have never seen
these pages before and a quick glance and shown that
the Documentation side of things needs some TLC
     For those who don't know who I am, I wrote a PSX
internals doc a few years ago that made Slashdot a few
times. I quite versed at internet data mining and
putting  the resultant finds in documentation form.
The problem is that I'm confused by what kind of
documentation you need.
     Let me give you an example.
     On the Wine Status DLL page comctl32 is reported
of having nonexistant documentaion. A quick look in
the CVS browser-thingy shows that in the code itself,
comctl32 is quite nicely documented. So what exactly
is needed? An API listing? a very verbose version of
the .spec file? How to use it? What it does? It's
depencies? Is there a particular format I have to
stick to?
     Could anyone hive a pointer of what exactly you
are looking for?

Joshua "Haruhito" Walker

P.S. I have a killer Registry API book too, if that
helps any.

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