Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Tue Jun 3 03:16:49 CDT 2003

>      On the Wine Status DLL page comctl32 is reported
> of having nonexistant documentaion. A quick look in
> the CVS browser-thingy shows that in the code itself,
> comctl32 is quite nicely documented. So what exactly
> is needed? 

A good question. I've been wondering that myself. For comctl32, the
documentation is all provided by MSDN. I recall reading somebody say a
while back that to be a completely independant Win32 implementation the
project would need to have MSDN style documentation as well, but as the
docs are freely available I can't see anybody having serious motivation
to do that anytime soon.

I think really the biggest need for documentation is on the internals of
how Wine works, for instance how and why Wine overrides pthreads, but
unfortunately some of that stuff is Jedi-level code - I'm not sure it
could be easily documented by somebody who didn't write it.

Anybody else?
thanks -mike

Mike Hearn <m.hearn at>
QinetiQ - Malvern Technology Center

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