Status page update #1

MichaelGuennewig at MichaelGuennewig at
Tue Jun 3 04:00:13 CDT 2003

Tom <twickline at> writes:

> Hello,
> I am working on another Status page update and here
> is a list of Component's that currently dont have a primary
> worker asighned. If you are a worker on any of these Component's
> can you let me know and I will add you in as the worker.
> Also if you are aware of a Status % work done on any of  these
> can you let me know.

old status:
  msvfw32: Video for Windows (VFW)
    "No Codec implemented"

new status:
  msvfw32: Video for Windows (VFW)
    msrle32: "MS-RLE vide codec" (Recent primary workers: Michael Günnewig)
       decompression works, 8-bit compression works, 4-bit will come
    avifile/avifil32: "AVI file handler"
                               (Recent primary workers: Michael Günnewig)
       interface de/compressing audio: complete.
       interface compressing video   : complete.
       interface decompressing video : complete.
       interface for WAV files: Wave complete, Sun Audio still missing.
       interface for AVI files:
         loading works. creating from scratch works. saving still missing.
       API and interface for editing: missing
       API for loading, creation, information: complete
       API for saving, clipboard: missing


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