Re: Add root drive mapping to default config file

puoti puoti at
Tue Jun 3 07:48:55 CDT 2003

Adding / to the default config file is a very bad idea, I remember reading
somewhere on the net that once someone opened his mail with kmail, KDE started
the attachment (A windows virus) with wine, and the virus sent itself to other
users on the net.  I don't remembered the details, but I do remember that the
virus could get out the the net because of that / being in the wine config. So
having / in the default config file is a very very bad idea, because these
problems could happen again in the future. A solution to get people to have a
good configuration, would be to have winsetuptk as a "official" winehq utility,
and  recommending people to use it to set up wine, but unfortunately winsetuptk
puts / in the config file, but that can be changed. It also maps all the
removable drives. 
BTW I've added binaries and source of winesetuptk to the wine
sourceforge page, the license is gpl.

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