Add root drive mapping to default config file

Philipp Wollermann phil_wo at
Tue Jun 3 10:28:54 CDT 2003


> please dont add / to the default config.
> Some reasons no to do that:
I think we just discussed exactly these "reasons"?

> - its insecure, since you can write everywhere you want
> and some filesystem corruption still exist today.
Then we should make it read-only. Should be no problem.

> - it will cause recursion/drive change problems =>
> example : what will be the current drive/directory
> if you access the fake C:\windows
>  via Z:\home\user\fake_c\windows ?
And where's the real problem here? You can create some nice recursions in
Windows too. (Read: "subst", symbolic links, NTFS mounts, etc.)


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