Add root drive mapping to default config file

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Tue Jun 3 13:02:17 CDT 2003

> > > - it will cause recursion/drive change problems =>
> > > example : what will be the current drive/directory
> > > if you access the fake C:\windows
> > >  via Z:\home\user\fake_c\windows ?
> > 

> Not sure. There's a DOS utility (I guess it's still there in later
> versions of Windows) called subst.exe which creates a drive from a
> directory. So you can say that c:\blabla\mydir is now called f:.
> Anything beyond c:\blabla\mydir can be accessed through either ways.

This is not what I mean here. I know you can access these files this
way and this is normal.
But if a software searches for files into z:\home\user\fake_c and is
switched to c:\ without reason, this could cause confusion to it (the
linux user obviously doesnt care about this)

> Is it specifically with wcmd, or in the way Wine gets the DOS name of
> a
> file?

Seems to be a drive/directory parsing problem. Wcmd is using normal dos
(not linux) file access functions, am I right here ?

Then with the same mapping, the following shouldnt be possible :
W: = /home/wine
P: = /home/wine/programs

P:\> cd ..

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