Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Jun 4 17:24:24 CDT 2003

Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> Hi,
> So, what was the decision regarding wineconf? Are we going to have it? 
> Where? When? 

There has been no decision on it.  My threat to hold it in
Minnesota in January was not sufficiently intimidating,
apparently <grin>.

I keep meaning to make good on my threat, but then
many other pressures on my time come up, and I put it

If no one else steps up, one of these days I will propose
it in Minnesota, but I'd guess now that the soonest
I'd do that would be September/October.

Although, one possibility would be to hold it in the bay area
at roughly the same time as LinuxWorld (August 3-7).



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