State reporting (was: Re: Major FUD (was Re: Add root drive mapping to default config file))

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Jun 5 13:41:52 CDT 2003

Le jeu 05/06/2003 à 14:21, Gregory M. Turner a écrit :
> On Thursday 05 June 2003 04:04 am, Mike Hearn wrote:
> > > We have that, this is what MESSAGE is meant to do.
> >
> > OK, cool, I guess routing that into a GUI should be on somebodies mental
> > if not marked up todo list.
> just another note (hmm, by speaking on this, I fear I am getting dangerously 
> close to volunteering): it's probably /not/ cool to use windows API's to 
> implement such a GUI -- because the messages could be coming out before core 
> GUI dlls are loaded.  I think another poster mentioned the same issue.  So I 
> guess it needs to be a pure-x thing...?  Maybe MessageBox is safe, but 
> MessageBox seems like a potentially annoying implementation.  Otherwise, 
> perhaps its possible to queue premature messages until the neccesary 
> essential dll's load up -- of course, this may never occur, resulting in 
> eerie silence...  maybe a job for interprocess RPC, since it supports string 
> arguments so well ;)

Some kind of "console" (nothing at all in common with wineconsole), like
some ID games have? Not the one accessible in-game, the yellow-on-blue
one you see a few seconds at launch. This app can be a
X11/ncurse/Gtk/whatever app, no need for it to use any Win32 API.

And something similar to syslog to transmit the messages to it... (a
pipe would be enough for a proof-of-concept), so you can wage through
them in real-time. Of course, a full +trace would bring the machine down
a bit, but for messages in "normal" usage, it could be useful.

Just nobody make a big button "Send the message log to wine-devel" :)


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