cvs build error

Gregory M. Turner gmturner007 at
Thu Jun 5 14:49:28 CDT 2003

here's another bit of wierd for you.  For the past several days, when I run my 
usual script to build wine:

source gmt-cfg-vars &&
if [ "$1" == "-qq" ]; then ./config.status; elif [ "$1" == "-q" ]; then 
(./config.status && make depend); else ./doconfig; fi &&
make && \
su -c 'make install'

The 'make install' phase wierdly decides to recompile several files (most of 
them are opengl-related).  Now the .o's are owned by root and I have to run 
an awful sed script as root to retrieve control of my tree ("

This happens in my vm which is no-ntpl.  Wierdly, on my native ntpl box, the 
problem does not occur.  What gives, anybody have a clue?

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