GL Header question

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Thu Jun 5 17:18:50 CDT 2003


I just wanted to apologize for the breaks caused by all the d3d8
commits. The gl headers are a real nightmare, and whereas we would have
caught the problems over time, instead we get them all in one go.

Just a question - What is the general feeling about us having our own gl
headers. Our basic aim is to query support before using it, but we need
to be able to compile in higher support than available on the build
machine. I would initially see something as simple as a
/include/wine/winegl.h, and we put all definitions in there (even if
they would have come from glext, glx, glxext etc). To start with, it
would only be used for d3d8 but probably ddraw support is easy.


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