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Jeremy Newman jnewman at codeweavers.com
Thu Jun 5 22:54:20 CDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 19:57, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> On June 5, 2003 08:50 pm, Jeremy Newman wrote:
> > Added files:
> >         news           : 2003060501.xml
> >         wwn            : wn20030606_173.xml
> >
> > Log message:
> >         WWN Issue 173
> You've posted this already as issue 172...

Uhh.. what?? The link goes to Issue 173, and it is a new issue from
Brian. If I did something wrong, explain it VERY SLOW so my limited
amount of spare brain cycles can understand. ;)

If you mean my lack of imagination on the news posts on the front page.
Sorry, I don't feel very witty ATM. That and I consider the WineHQ to be
a humorless site, it should be to the point.

Jeremy Newman <jnewman at codeweavers.com>
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