GL Header question

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Fri Jun 6 04:25:43 CDT 2003

> their machines compared to the people running it. My only comment is whether
> d3dcore_gl.h is the right place for it, as putting it in something like
> \include\wine\winegl.h would mean the definitions can be reused by ddraw,
> and the opengl dlls in the same way.

Wine's OpenGL DLL does not need any #defines. We actually do not do any (for
now that is) GL call that is not done by the Windows application itself. So
all the enums are compiled in the Windows code, not in Wine.

Of course, the day we will support WGL pbuffers using GLX PBuffers, we may
have the same kind of issues, but never as bad as for D3D.


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