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Fri Jun 6 12:21:20 CDT 2003

>> PS: As jason have some compilation problems too as it use a specific gl.h
>> with a generic glext.h, i'm thinking about not using anymore the gl/glext
>> headers definitions (i'm too bored to fixes each mismatch headers
>> declaration)

Hi All,

>Well, I would say that we use the standard gl.h file (otherwise 
>it's too messy) but completely remove the dependency on glext.h.

well, the problem is that gl.h defines ugly things too.
as i have reports from users using mesa headers 3.4 (openGL 1.2 
only declared but ugly pre 1.3 support) while using Mesa5.0 (very 
easy to do: install a XFree4.0 and after install only mesa5)

>I plan to change all _EXT and _ARB stuff in the D3D7 code by 
>_WINE #defines (defined from the GL extension specs) and to never 
>use at all the function pointer typedef and use my own.

i think you'll have many breakage :)

>Basically, my baseline would be GL 1.2 and all the rest would be 

As you want,
But for me, I think building with GL1.4 (last ans most complete) 
headers and detecting/activing caps on runtime it's a more proper 
solution (no more #ifdef/#define in code, only in d3dcore_gl.h 

>        Lionel


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