GL Header question

fenix at fenix at
Fri Jun 6 12:25:37 CDT 2003

>> well, better ;)
>> my goal is to detect and active all capabilities on runtime and never bother 
>> again about declared/defined caps from gl headers (gl,glext,glx).
>> For this we need an header where all defines and functions pointers are 
>> declared (as seen in d3dcore_gl.h)
>As said in another mail, I agree for glext.h but not for GL.h. Or 
>if we go that way, why not ship a 'valid' set of gl.h / glext.h / 
>glxext.h that are known to work instead of redoing all the 
>constants ?

No, i not want to redefine all constants, i'll only define needed 
defines and prototypes for compilation.
For GL.h see my last mail

>For example, we know that Raphael has a configuration where his 
>tree builds... Well, let him ship his .hs in Wine :-)

why not, but i think sending the three (or two) headers in wine 
tree can be replaced by a "minimalist" header (only define what we 
need) for compilation

>   Lionel


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