GL Header question

fenix at fenix at
Fri Jun 6 12:39:25 CDT 2003


>>As said in another mail, I agree for glext.h but not for GL.h. Or if we go
>>that way, why not ship a 'valid' set of gl.h / glext.h / glxext.h that are
>>known to work instead of redoing all the constants ?
>Curiously, why glext and not gl? I'd be more for shipping all 3 
>if required or merging them all into one wine header. Could we 
>not just be causing ourselves the same problem further down the 
>line otherwise?

I not approve to merge all gl headers into one HUGE header.
I only want to have its the minimalist header where we only define what we need.

>>For example, we know that Raphael has a configuration where his 
>>tree builds... Well, let him ship his .hs in Wine :-)
>Perhaps they are copyright nvidia? :-)

Yes, but i think they redistribuable.
(they are here:
Else we can always use last mesa headers.



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