Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Jun 6 08:19:07 CDT 2003

Hi Sachar,

> I think Europe is the best compromise for people on most parts of the 
> world. It has direct flights from almost everywhere (are there any New 
> Zeland/Australia/Antartica Wine developers? I'm also not sure about 
> South America).

I think there was pretty clear agreement on this point earlier;  in fact,
I had the sense that either France or Germany were the logical places,
as we have a fairly significant number of wine hackers in those
two countries, and they graciously traipsed over to San Diego last year.

> On a side note - I'm not sure I will be able to afford a conference in 
> the Americas.
> The thing I was trying to say, however, is that with August approaching, 
> if we want a conference around that time, someone had better start 
> organizing it. I don't mind being that someone, but then you will get a 
> conference in Tel Aviv. Personally, I think most Wine members should be 
> more worried about the weather in Tel Aviv in August than about anything 
> else (hot and humid. Not New York grade bad, but not very far either), 
> but somehow I (sadly) suspect not many will arrive anyways. As such, 
> maybe it's best if someone else organized it.
> If people are REALLY worried about Tel Aviv, I can offer Jerusalem, 
> where it isn't so humid (plus the city itself is beutiful, and you are 
> only an 1.5h drive away from all those wonderful places you got to hear 
> about in the news).

You've hit the nub of it.  Someone needs to step up and organize it;
I think that person then gets a big chunk of the vote on exactly
where it is.   (Of course, holding it in, say, Liberia, would likely
reduce attendance a bit...)

Holding it somewhere near one of the Bay Area, Switzerland, Minnesota,
or some exotic place Alexandre wants to travel to will increase the
likelihood that he will be there.



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