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It is a little games compatibility list.


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Games compatibility list

 Date:               20030607
 Total games tested:       17

 Games installed:       13/17
 Games playable:         8/17

Games tested with

 o Clean fake windows. (a for every game)
 o Winedefault.reg registry.
 o The games are spanish versions.
 o Tested only the fastest way to get in gameplay. (Do not buggy me 
   if the second level, or the "league" option, or the configure menu 
   don't work ;)


Rogue Squadron. [20030605] *

  Status: Unplayable.
  Problems: Completely broken sound, intro very slow, and stops in 
   selecting player screen.

Grim Fandago. [20030605]

  Status: Playable.
  Problems: No sound during intro.

Superbikes demo. [20030605]

  Status: Playable
  Problems: No transparent background in some textures.

Gta3. [20030605]

  Status: Unplayable.
  Problems: Unable to install. (Unhandled exception)
   (Better with stdole*, but anyway no install)

Swat3. [20030605]

  Status: Unplayable.
  Problems: Unable to install. 
   (fixme:winmm:MMDRV_Exit Closing while ll-driver open)

Railroad Tycoon 2. [20030605]

  Status: Playable.
  Problems: For install, you need "cd" to cdrom directory.
   Need a patched EXE, the original is protected. 
   The mouse's pointer disappears sometimes, you need move to the bottom of
   the screen to see it again.
NBA Live98. [20030605]

  Status: Playable.
  Problems: None.

DeusEx. [20030605]

  Status: Playable.
  Problems: None. Only in software mode?

Resident Evil 2. [20030605]

  Status: Unplayable.
  Problems: Need unmanaged in install.
   Stops during intro with "error. Opendriver"

Fifa 99. [20030605]
  Status: Playable.
  Problems: None. You need "cd" to cdrom directory.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. [20030605]

  Status: Unplayable.
  Problems: Worked the 2 first times (but with mouse/keyboard problems)
   the next times what ran the game, it didn't start giving the error:
   Unhandled exception: divide by zero in 32-bit code...
   (Only software mode?)

7th Legion. [20030605] *

  Status: Playable
  Problems: None.

Max Payne. [20030605] *

  Status: Unplayable
  Problems: Not install. It says, install module does not found.

The Sims. [20030605]

  Status: Unplayable
  Problems: Does not start to install.

Fallout. [20030605]
  Status: Playable
  Problems: None.

Civilization Call to Power. [20030605]

  Status: Unplayable
  Problems: Click "Play", and it says "profile.txt not found in asset tree".
    "Unable to init the ProfileDB".

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. [20030605]

  Status: Unplayable
  Problems: Need unmanaged to install. (Exception with managed)
      Stop when you run the game with saying: 
      "Debugger detected, please remove the debugger, and try again".

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