winedgb problem

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun Jun 8 08:36:24 CDT 2003

Raphaël Junqueira wrote:
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> Hi,
>  i have bit problem with winedbg whil trying to debug Unreal2 demo ;(
> This game seems to use exception for error handling and at first exception it 
> breaks, and after i try 'pass' or 'cont' and the games never continue (the 
> dbg remains in exceptions stack) ;(((
> while running without winedbg i have no problem (well i crash later, and i 
> want to debug this crash but unreal2 catch it, print the stack and exit)
> Have you an idea why ?

try walk except between each call to pass and check whether the seh 
frams change or not

Eric Pouech

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