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Mon Jun 9 08:23:38 CDT 2003

Il ven, 2003-06-06 alle 15:19, Jeremy White ha scritto:
> You've hit the nub of it.  Someone needs to step up and organize it;
> I think that person then gets a big chunk of the vote on exactly
> where it is.   (Of course, holding it in, say, Liberia, would likely
> reduce attendance a bit...)


  I can try to investigate if I can organize something here, but I must
know how many people will be there (at least orientatively), what do
they expect from the organization, and so on...

> Holding it somewhere near one of the Bay Area, Switzerland, Minnesota,
> or some exotic place Alexandre wants to travel to will increase the
> likelihood that he will be there.

  do you think Rome (Italy) is good enough? :-)

  well, August here in Rome is a bit hot, but we have so many
fountains... :)

> Cheers,
> Jeremy



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