DEVENUM.DLL Implementation

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Tue Jun 10 13:35:04 CDT 2003

> It's probably best to ask Alexandre about this, but it either slipped
> through the cracks (and I didn't want to submit it again until I was
> completely happy with it) or it was due to depending on other unimplemented
> behaviour (IFilterMapper interface).

Yeah, let's wait for him to come back from vacations :-)
I was just surprised the other day when I looked at the devenum DLL
directory and found it empty and somehow remembered someone sending a huge
patch to fill it in.

> It should work alright if you can get the patch to apply properly, but IIRC
> a few changes conflict with it.

If you want, I wrote a Python script that transforms most of the 'old-style'
COM definitions to 'new-style' COM macro usage. I could give it to you (I do
not remember if your patch defined a lot of COM objects or not).

> As for the future, work on Quartz shouldn't be too hard to do. A minimal
> working system would be a File Source 'codec', video and audio renderers and
> the graph builder, along with my device enumerator implementation.

Well, if you want to start work on Quartz, feel free to do it, you would be
our saviour (to all the gamerz out there who cannot have intro / cutscene
movies due to the missing Quartz stuff in Wine).

We were planning to start on it this summer, but well, as we have still a
lot of work on D3D(7/8/9) and DInput, it was not really our highest


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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