SMP Problems?

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Tue Jun 10 18:40:15 CDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-06-10 at 04:21, Carlos Lozano wrote:
> Hello,
> > I tried playing with the +relay, but I only get about 2fps playing
> > game so it's pretty hard to play enough for it to freeze (sometimes
> > only a minute or so in, sometimes an hour or more) I played for
> > minutes and am feeling pretty nauseas :) the trace file's around
> I have written a little perl script, what helped me to do small traces
> from some programs, when you need dump trace info from a advanced
> of a program.
> It is very simple of use. Run wine with for example:
> wine --debugmsg trace+all winmx331.exe 2>&1 |
> Wineparse goes reading the log lines, and buffering the last "n", by
> default 500, but you can modify it. When it finds the line what you
> were searching (in my case: wine: Unhandled exception, starting
> debugger), it dumps to the file "/tmp/winparse.log" the last "n" 
> buffered lines.
> Probably it is possible to do the same using a combo of sh command
> but i didn't want to think too about it hehe :)
> It should give you some more fps, than dumping the complete log to
> I wait that it can help you.
> Good luck,
> Regards,
> Carlos.

Thanks for the script Carlos!, unfortunately it's still too slow to play
it long enough to get it to freeze -Dan

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