Discovering which critical sections threads are in

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Jun 12 03:15:41 CDT 2003

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 22:31:39 +0200, Sir Eric Pouech scribed thus:
> normally there's a message printed out when a critsect times out like:
> section 0x12345678 myCS wait timed out, retrying (60 sec) tid=xxxx
> and the tid gives you the thread id of the thread holding the cs
> then, you can use it for example in 'bt <tid>' to get a backtrace of 
> that particular thread and look at what it's doing

Yup, sure, I know how to do that. But the backtrace tells you which thread
blocked, and where it was when it blocked. It doesn't tell you which
thread is already inside it (so you can go find out why it never left).

In the end yesterday I just stuck some trace statements in and used emacs
to process the resulting huge file :) i feel there should be a better way
though.... maybe having a linked list of RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION structs that
the debugger can walk.

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