quartz once again: was DEVENUM.DLL Implementation

Mark Hannessen msh104.mymail at 12move.nl
Thu Jun 12 06:46:28 CDT 2003

>Well, if you want to start work on Quartz, feel free to do it, you would be
>our saviour (to all the gamerz out there who cannot have intro / cutscene
>movies due to the missing Quartz stuff in Wine).

quartz was already was in wine once.
but was removed from wine because of legal issues.
that is, the author feared it was not legal and demanded it to be removed.

transgaming is still using it in WineX and it's LGPL code so you if you really 
need it you can just copy it from their cvs tree.

still i think it would be nice to have quarz in wine so i have been thinking 
about this one for some time.

but what makes you think writing a new one is not going to have legal issues?

Mark Hannessen

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