DSound buffer underrun problems with X-Plane

Christian Neumair chris at gnome-de.org
Thu Jun 12 06:36:08 CDT 2003

I'm currently testing a cool flight simulator called X-Plane. It's
really working great on wine, the performance is supersonic. The only
downer is that the engine sound is a bit staccato, i.e. it has small
breaks. My non-debug debian wine continuously outputs:

"err:dsound:DSOUND_MixOne underrun on sound buffer 0x4b4c47c8"

after reporting once:


I'm not sure how complicated it is to resolve that but I assume for an
advanced wine hacker familiar with directx (especially those currently
working on it, *hint*, *hint*) it isn't very hard to fix.
The problem is reproducible with the current stable version 6.71 and the
brand-new 7.0 beta. You can fetch both betas under http://x-plane.com.
Thanks in advance! You do a great job!


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