quartz once again: was DEVENUM.DLL Implementation

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at free.fr
Thu Jun 12 07:39:03 CDT 2003

> wouldn't it be possible to just shift maintainer / copyright holder / whatever 
> to a new person that does believe it is legal and is willing to take that 
> risk too.

First, I explicitely told that we knew that the WineX QUARTZ DLL was LGPLed
to not have this same debate again...

My whole point is not 'was the previous QUARTZ code legal or not', it's
rather 'do we respect the wishes of someone who wants to have his code

I agree that, as the code was licensed as LPGL, we have no legal reasons to
comply to this request, but well, I see it as basic respect regarding his

By the way, nobody ever knew *why* Hidenori asked to have his code removed.
The fact that it's due to legal issues with the code are only, as far as I
know, rumors.


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