SoftICE for wine

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Thu Jun 12 11:51:52 CDT 2003

Gerhard W. Gruber wrote:
> Three weeks ago I was trying to find a crash in Agent. Since I don't know the
> code of wine so well I tried to do this with a debugger. My experience was
> rather frustrating. GDB and winegdb are not exactly what I call userfriendly.
> On a Windows system I would have found this error within a few hours but I
> didn't come to terms with winedbg and gdb. So I was looking for an alternative
> and I found a project on sourceforge named pICE. 
what didn't you like in gdb and winedbg ?
trying to port pice to wine would be rather an heavy task
I don't really what you will gain with pICE

 > This project was abandoned
> about two years ago, but I was interested in it and now I got the
> administration for it. pICE is a kernel debugger for linux similar to SoftICE
> and I thought it would be nice to have such a tool. My intention is to add
> extensions to support wine debugging as well (this was my primary reason) and
> now I would like to know if this is would be of interest to you as well 
I personnaly don't see an interest. It's already a burden to maintain 
winedbg, so maintaining a second debugger doesn't seem right to me
> and if
> yes (what I hope :) ) what extensions are needed in order to support wine. 
ROS port uses a specific device driver, which will be fun to implement 
in wine
 > I
> guess that winedbg is similar in that respect that it is also an extension of
> gdb, am I right?
winedbg has been inspired by gdb, but it is not an extension of gdb (as 
a standalone debugger). But, you're may be talking of the proxy feature 
of winedbg which lets gdb talk to wine thru gdb's remote protocol

> If somebody knows the details I would like to hear it. But
> don't expect anything soon because I still need to dig into the code of pICE
> to make it stable first.
Again, I don't see what pICE will bring you that you don't have in gdb 
or winedbg. IMO, you should start by explaining this.


Eric Pouech

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