couple of questions about pthreads (scheduler/pthread.c) in wine

Juraj Hercek juraj at
Fri Jun 13 06:31:15 CDT 2003


I've ported an application which uses a library - let's call it - which in turn uses ACE library 
( ACE uses 
library. So the dependency is like this: my_application -> -indirectly via ace library->

Wine's scheduler/pthread.c (compiled code resides in 
defines couple of symbols, which are defined (if we don't take symbol 
versions into consideration)  also in Now you probably 
feel what's my problem:

After loading application into memory, dynamic linker loads wine stuff 
first, then when loading into memory, pthread symbols 
are defined in module - already loaded into memory - and so 
it doesn't try to load, because pthread symbols are 
already resolved.

My questions are:
1) Why Winelib uses it's own implementation of pthreads (at least it 
looks like this is intention)?
2) Is it possible to force linker to use symbols from 
instead of symbols from (I don't know how to tell linker 
to use symbol, e.g. pthread_cond_wait,  from specified library, i.e. 

Thanks for help,

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