couple of questions about pthreads (scheduler/pthread.c) inwine

Eric Frias efrias at
Fri Jun 13 15:29:14 CDT 2003

Thanks, Mike and Lionel.

"Mike Hearn" <mike at> wrote:
> Right. Really, you *want* to use the Wine versions. In
> theory, it should all work fine except the threads that aceutilities
> creates are "wine-aware". If it doesn't, that means the Wine pthreads
> emulation is not perfect yet.

This seems to be the case, otherwise we would have never noticed the pthread
emulation.  We didn't really dig into what the problem was yet though.

Is any of the pthread emulation necessary if we're only using winelib, not
the native emulation?  I read some things that made it sound like one of the
big problems was native windows code using one of the registers that
pthreads reserves.  Since non-x86 platforms seem to use the native pthread
library, maybe we could coax our copy of winelib into using native pthreads
also, but imposing the restriction that we can't link to windows-native

Our application is just using winelib; there are no emulated dlls or exes.
In addition, if it helps, only the main thread of our program calls any
winelib functions.  Actually, right now the helper threads to call
PostMessage() to request the main thread to do some work, but I think we
could replace the PostMessage() calls with a socket or some other mechanism.
Our program doesn't create any windows threads via CreateThread(), So, if we
promised not to call any winelib code from any thread that wine doesn't know
about, would that take us out of harm's way?  If that's the case, we could
probably link ACE to a static version of the pthread library, and everything
would just work.

If we could have both versions of the pthread library co-existing in the
same process, we were also thinking that we might be able to rename the wine
versions of the pthread functions to something like wine_pthread_create(),
and then do "#define pthread_create wine_pthread_create", but it sounds like
this would break other programs.

I've read that the MONO folks have figured out how to get threading working,
but it sounds like their solution was very complicated (although I haven't
tried to really understand what they did), and I'd like to avoid that if we
possibly can.


Eric Frias
efrias at

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