couple of questions about pthreads (scheduler/pthread.c) inwine

Juraj Hercek juraj at
Sat Jun 14 02:41:14 CDT 2003

Mike Hearn wrote:

>>Our program doesn't create any windows threads via CreateThread(), So, if we promised not to call any winelib code from any thread that wine doesn't know about, would that take us out of harm's way?  If that's the case, we could probably link ACE to a static version of the pthread library, and everything would just work.
>Try it :) But try to find out why the Wine pthreads mapping doesn't work
I didn't dig in it a lot yet, but I think the main problem is that 
winelib's pthread emulation doesn't implement pthread_cond_*() calls 
(e.g. pthread_cond_wait) - I will know more soon. Reason why we wanted 
to use pthreads is that ACE is tested with native pthreads.


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