Executables icons

BiGgUn fbiggun at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 15 02:02:39 CDT 2003


   I wonder why icons located in an executable are not viewable in GetOpenFileName ? I had a look to the source code
(dlls/shell32/folder.c and dlls/shell32/classes.c) and saw that  a search is made in the registry. But this search failed because my
system.reg doesn't have the queried entry ( [Software\\Classes\\.exe]). I noticed that the winedefault.reg doesn't have the queried
entry also. When this search fails, a default icon is applied.

   By manually adding this entry in system.reg, it is still not possible to get the executables icons :-\ I also saw that
[Software\\Classes\\.exe\\DefaultIcon] is also queried. Even if i manually add this entry again, it's not successfull. I think i've
missed something in these entries definition but i don't know what. Anyway, by forcing the code to look inside executable for icons,
they finally appear :)

   But it's better to find another solution. How registry should be setted up (system.reg / winedefault.reg) ? Do we need to review
the code (adding special case for exe files) ?


   Excuse me if  i bother you with my questions.

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