[DINPUT] Some more dinput stuff

Christian Costa titan.costa at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 15 05:38:06 CDT 2003

Raphaël Junqueira wrote:

Sorry for the delay Raphael, I was offline...

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>Le Lundi 09 Juin 2003 21:32, Lionel Ulmer a écrit :
>>>As your patch is a little malformed and conflicts with mine (a big one)
>>>i send my patch merged with yours, can you look if all is correct.
>>Why did you not send a patch against a tree patched with Christian's ?
>simply because his patch cannot be applied. I have to do it manually.
>I have merged it to simplify alexandre work.
Your're right, a blank line has been removed by mistake.
Sorry for that.
Well, as I write these lines, Alexandre has already applied my patch...

Now concerning your patch, why do you use DIRECTINPUT_VERSION
in some conditional code? This should be use only for winelib 
application, no ?


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