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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Tue Jun 17 01:52:14 CDT 2003

Gregory M. Turner wrote:

>So, maybe the percentage should, indeed, go higher, to 80% or what-have-you 
>(I'd still like to finish split cabs, and build some tests, before we go 
>bumping the completion percentage).
It won't reach 100% until it's ready. That aside - this is an OpenSource 
project. You decide what your itch is.

>  Visual Studio seems to statically link 
>against cabinet.dll anyhow -- it's quite possible it wouldn't come up much at 
>all -- maybe in WinZip or something.
I doubt winzip is using any of MS's compression, but I may be wrong 
here. Check your assumptions against real life is my advice.

>  Certainly the most urgent need for this 
>implementation is to get various installers working, which AFAIK only 
>requires decompression.
>Btw, there are some setupapi APIs which ought to be trivial to bang out once 
>the FDI APIs are in place... I think they are all decompression-only, which 
>would tend to strengthen the argument that the majority of the utility of the 
>dll is in the decompression APIs.
It appears that where work/result is concerned, decompression is the 
most important part.

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