TypeLib containment refcounting

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Tue Jun 17 06:56:10 CDT 2003

man, 16.06.2003 kl. 21.28 skrev Mike Hearn:
> > This doesn't look right, you increment the refcount on every GetTypeInfo
> > but only decrement when the typeinfo object is destroyed.
> Well, unless you can call GetTypeInfoOfGuid twice and get two pointers to
> the same interface (maybe you can, i don't really know but that would seem
> unusual), I don't understand why this is wrong.

That is exactly what you can in the current typelib implementation. The
pointers will be the same, too. Whether you can in the real MS
implementation I'm not sure, but shouldn't matter, since the current
Wine implementation is what you're dealing with.

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