TTYDRV woes :/

Kye Lewis kye at
Tue Jun 17 08:34:33 CDT 2003


Firstly, (for those of you who really care - or who even have a clue who
I am.)... I'm back again, and ready for some wine action :)

Anyway.... I'm having a bit of a problem with *running* wine stuff -
more specifically TTYDRV...

I'm getting lots of messages like
"fixme:ttydrv:TTYDRV_CreateWindow (10045): stub"
(obviously with different actual functions blah blah...)

And I have no idea...

And yes, before you ask, I am running this in X :) - I've tried CVS,
i've tried compiling from a tar.gz, i've tried RPM's, and all seem to
produce the same result.

I'm using the latest nVidia drivers (from if that would
make any difference.

Anyone else experienced this problem?

Kye Lewis
kye at
or, if that doesn't work:
kyethespy at will!

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