[D3D] Xvidmode and surface locking

OverrideX overridex at punkass.com
Wed Jun 18 03:21:59 CDT 2003

Ok, I recently started using System Shock 2 fullscreen with xvidmode
enabled in my wine config, and here's something strange.  When xvidmode
is enabled, and I'm in a game and press esc to go to the menu, then esc
again to return to the game, or load another save or go through a
bulkhead/elevator and cause it to load another level, when it returns to
the game the 3D area is completely black, though the HUD/inventory and
brackets around items all shows up.  This happens with a cvs from
2003-06-08 and also with a cvs from 2003-05-17, however if I don't patch
2003-05-17 with the surface locking the screen doesn't black when
loading a saved game or moving between levels, etc. (of course then
there's no hud or anything without the surface locking) So basically
it's like you can only load 1 saved game,  then the next area you go to
or saved game you restore you need to save and restart the game for it
to go away. Sorry I didn't notice this sooner when testing it out for
you :) If you need any tracing done I'd be glad to, just tell me what ya
need, also if you want a demo of ss2 I could give you a link to that
too.... cheers -Dan

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