[D3D] Xvidmode and surface locking

OverrideX overridex at punkass.com
Thu Jun 19 19:42:04 CDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 18:08, Lionel Ulmer wrote:
> > Ok, I recently started using System Shock 2 fullscreen with xvidmode
> > enabled in my wine config, and here's something strange.  When xvidmode
> > is enabled, and I'm in a game and press esc to go to the menu, then esc
> > again to return to the game, or load another save or go through a
> > bulkhead/elevator and cause it to load another level, when it returns to
> > the game the 3D area is completely black, though the HUD/inventory and
> > brackets around items all shows up.
> Well, seeing this description, I could say only one thing : DRIVER PROBLEM
> :-)
> You description seems to imply that the glReadPixels call returns a
> completely black frame buffer (whereas the drawing seems to work well as
> shown when you remove the surface locking stuf). To be 100 % sure, you could
> enable the debug code in the Lock / Unlock case to have nice screenshots (if
> they are all black, that would show that :-) ).
> Maybe it could be fixed by my attempts to use the texture engine instead of
> glReadPixels (to be submitted only after profiling)...
> Did you try changing the resolution manually using Ctrl +/- ? Does it work
> like that ?
> As for System Shock 2, I have the full game, so no need to show me the demo.
>          Lionel
> PS: do not count on me to debug this, I hate XVidMode :-)

hehe yes, I'm surprised I hadn't tried that before - hitting
ctrl+alt+(+/-) causes what was black to be drawn properly... so just
hitting +/- real quick after loading a game works fine :) cheers, -Dan

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