[OPENGL] Compilation fixes on some b0rken headers

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 20 15:17:48 CDT 2003

"Right, you are." (Star Wars)

> Well, and so ? If I sent it as a compressed file, the 'all patches
> need to
> be readable junkies' will complain.
> And well, it's plain text, so even people with dial-up will download
> it
> pretty fast thanks to line compression :-)
>        Lionel
> PS: '50 lines quoted for one line reply ?????' (and using the dreaded
>     Outlook quoting convention)
The only one avaible with Yahoo ! Mail. This is the price for a
powerful, spam filtered and virus-free webmail :)

I couldnt even test the benefits of your patch (using Xfree86+Mesa
headers here, no complain from the compiler)

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