Localization to the Portuguese

Marcelo Duarte wine-devel at bol.com.br
Sat Jun 21 14:21:09 CDT 2003

Eu somente posso dar suporte ao Português do Brasil, apesar de saber a
diferença entre algumas palavras, mas não todas, assim como sei que eu não
seria a pessoa mais indicada para dar suporte a qualquer outra língua.
Apenas posso separar os arquivos para facilitar para alguém de Portugal que
esteja disposto a fazer isso agora ou futuramente. Tenho também pouco tempo
livre, mas quero contribuir sempre que puder ou achar necessário.

I can support only Portuguese of Brazil, despite I know the difference
between some words, but not all, as well as I know that I would not be the
person more indicated to support any another language. But I can separate
the files to facilitate for somebody of Portugal that is made use to make
this now or future. I also have little free time, but I want to always
contribute that it will be able or to find necessary.

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> Marcelo Duarte wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I intend to perhaps keep the support the Portuguese language and to
> > tasks.
> > Please, in any modifications to the resources, it would like to be
> > to translate them, because I can be the support to Brazilian Portuguese
> > language in the Wine.
> good to have someone to this in charge...
> > Alexandre, the portuguese of Brazil is slightly different of Portugal,
> > ALL files *Pt.rc that I encountered is brazilian portuguese (because
> > is translated to "Arquivo" in Brazil and to "Ficheiro" in Portugal,
> > The questions are: I need to separate them? Which is the correct
> Since there are differences, and if you're ready to support those
> different, then we can always create two sets of resources for
> portugese: one for portugese from Portugal, another one for brasilian
> portugese. Note, that windows consider Brasilian portugese to be the
> default sublang for all portugese:s (which seems to me a bit ackward,
> but South America is likely closer to Redmond than Lusitania...)
> A+
> -- 
> Eric Pouech

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