Patch ntdll/kernel32: #27 take III, possible console regression

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun Jun 22 07:36:19 CDT 2003

Jukka Heinonen wrote:
> It seems that this patch (ntdll/kernel32: #27 take III) makes 
> console input handles use edge triggered semantics. Which means 
> that these handles only signal when new input is queued and not
> when console input buffer has unread data.
there's a bug but because I use a semaphore to keep track of input 
record queue len, but this semaphore is decremented twice:
- a first time in the wait operation
- a second time while actually reading an input event
whereas it should be actually only decremented once (I'm still looking 
for my worn out brown paper bag)

I'll send a fix later on today.

Eric Pouech

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