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Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Mon Jun 23 14:08:53 CDT 2003

Robert Lunnon wrote:
> I am having problems with this Program, Little Fighter II, and also the 
> installer that comes with the Worms II demo, both internet downloadable. 
> Anyway both of these faults might be due to stack overflows or overwrites, 
> especially the Worms II one below. What variable controls the size of the 
> stack allocated to a thread ?
Hi Robert. Worms2 installer installs (more or less correctly) on Linux. 
So, this is likely a Solaris porting issue.
Thread size is set when creating the thread, with some guard pages (but 
it should be at least 1 MB)

the crash way be caused by a stack corruption (ie a function pops one 
dword too much). you could look at this with -debugmsg +relay.

> The Fault indicates that the exception occurs at eip 0xddb2484a: and the 
> address of the fault indicates it also is at 0xddb2484a which would indicate 
> that it had trouble fetching the instruction ???
insn is pop %es, so a wrong selector value on the stack will cause the 

Eric Pouech

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